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Company of about 20-30 people, need to organize internal communication channel through the mail. Example: you have a mailing list of the addresses of employees and Inbox When sending a letter from one of the addresses of the distribution list this mailbox, a letter should be sent on all remaining addresses in the list. If an employee sends an email to this mailbox, it is read by all other employees and can join the discussion this way. It should be a means to administer a mailing list (add, delete).

Comrades abrollsoftware, please tell me sensible a ready solution for the task.

Mail format was chosen as the most simple and known to all, not requiring further study. If abrollsoftware will offer a more convenient format for communicating without email, also consider.
October 3rd 19 at 03:54
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October 3rd 19 at 03:56
Exchange/zimbra, like exim/sendmail/postfix do it with a Bang, the bole within the company.
just a method of creating distribution groups and closure mailing these addresses for them outside.
So read the documentation on Your mail server and You will be happy.
Exchange can even help, nothing complicated there
October 3rd 19 at 03:58
October 3rd 19 at 04:00
I would be for the office to think about purchasing of specialized software, say offhand think "The_Bat" will easily perform all the wishlist that were asked...
October 3rd 19 at 04:02
Exim4 + dovecot + mysql + dspam +

The group at the table userforward
October 3rd 19 at 04:04
If there is no email, then the box solution will be (habré somewhere described the installation\configuration)... it you can create mailing lists... (decision free, paid, advanced admin panel... the standard admin panel — included free)
If the mailer is, inquire what exactly?..

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