Help select multifunction printer for office

Looking for a MFP to the office (~40 people) as a backup (and in the future as a replacement) for Canon iR C2380i.
Printing: double-sided, colour, laser, A4, A3, from 20-25 ppm (b/W, A4)
Volume: from 2-3 thousand 40-50 thousand sheets per month (fin 1-3 times per year)
Scan: with automatic feed, two-way, from 30-40 ppm
Sending scans via e-mail or copy to a network folder.

Cartridges separate from the drum unit (the toner hoppers) with a resource of 20 thousand sheets (black) and a value of no more than 15 COP. per sheet.

Budget: up to 200 thousand rubles.

At least I want to define the brand. Now torn between Kyocera, Konica Minolta, Canon.

And Yes, the city does not have service centers Kyocera and Konica Minolta and Canon service center can months to feed Breakfast. Therefore, we need a technique which can cope the average specialized company for maintenance of office equipment (with iR C2380i copes easily :-)).

UPD: the Kyocera captivating resource drum (up to 10 times more than similar models by other brands).
UPD2: very welcome personal impressions and experience with equipment of this class (and even brand).
October 3rd 19 at 03:56
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October 3rd 19 at 03:58
Our clients is about 50 printers Kyocera. for 3 years of operation with them were the following incidents:

1) the Mouse got into the printer and tore the ribbon cable (and even their cases have done there).
2) the jump In voltage when the burst of lights on the ceiling, two of the four printers on the object burned the power Board. But in General, this situation looks more like "two of the four printer not burned", the facility is one of the bespereboynik APC just flash with fire.
3) After turning off the power supply of the MFP are not included. As it turned out as a result of: a user on Kyocera 1135 not found the power button (she's not in the most obvious place).
4) somewhere closer to 150, 000 mileage one Kyocera 2020dn began to smear. The reason — total dust warehouses and low-quality papers. Decided cleaning apparatus.
5) One of our clients in the habit of saving on the consumables and ordered the refill toner for Kyocera (!), The economy does not have to wait more than 40 thousand prints, dirt, stench, and other delights. It is also possible there was a paper of low quality. The question is again decided cleaning.

But the regular thing, which is annoying to operate MFP Kyocera, is the bunker for a waste toner. On the MFP A4 a waste toner hopper is stationary and it needs to be cleaned after about 80 thousand prints, and this procedure is not very pleasant, but again, the service-men with her to easily and naturally manage. Everything else takes place in the framework of the regulations (fatabarnu on MFP changes after 150 thousand, the printers 300).
Yes, everything I wrote is mainly for printers and A4 MFPs. MFP Kyocera A3 we have only a couple of pieces of operation like, so that in him we have no statistics yet (and it's also not bad :)). - al_Ha commented on October 3rd 19 at 04:01
October 3rd 19 at 04:00
Used Xerox (can't remember the model), and is now worth Conica Minolta c451 (of a higher level truth than You need).
Here and there the problems started to appear after 2-year run. Independently to repair hemorrhoids, so pick a machine that will be able to serve a third-party office in your town.
October 3rd 19 at 04:02
Enjoy more b/W Kyocera, no questions. Really like the Web interface and networking in General, no problems with the automatic originals.
Powder consumption is economical, but not refillable, the price of permits.
Any quirks with chips or a smart card (Hello, Xerox!) not detected, SERVIS in Moscow is a decent, but expensive — put up the price for trifling damage specialist "by the" fixed cheaper and faster.

In the small segment, too, would recommend Kyocera has introduced 3 pieces FS-1035MFP, no complaints here.

Look at
October 3rd 19 at 04:04
About Kyocera, I can say that only the most positive reviews and emotions. No service, no problem. Because MFP is very unpretentious character. change only the toner. No problems on setup. All models use one universal driver. So what brands suggest Kyocera.
October 3rd 19 at 04:06
And Kyocera in rare cases, the desired service center.
All replaced units, especially in MFP. A friend told me that the Kyocera FS-6525MFP generally designed as MFP for places where there is no service center. Flew the oven - took it out and put in new ones in 2 minutes.

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