web tool(interface) for kvm

Good afternoon.

Tell me what is a user-friendly interface that will allow you to create one-click virtual machines from snapshots using the web interface, and run scripts on the newly created machine.

The idea is this:

Have a dev server for a new project creates a virtual machine with the required configuration file and set of libraries, ip podmazyvanija in a subdomain (or proxies) + execute some bash scripts after deployment (new users, configuring extra configs).

Really do not want to fence the bike :(
October 3rd 19 at 03:56
3 answers
October 3rd 19 at 03:58
Unfortunately the web interface will not prompt, but I recommend to configure saltstack
October 3rd 19 at 04:00
Managing containers code.google.com/p/linuxkvm-loader/
Manage guest systems rexify.org/

Universal Web interface no, for specific tasks is written for 1-2 days.
October 3rd 19 at 04:02
But what you are not satisfied with Proxmox?
Turnkey solution for rapid deployment servers for virtualos. Create and kill everything in a few clicks.
The other downside is that they changed the distribution system and now repository free only test.

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