Translation of documentation Vkontakte iOS SDK v2.0 in English?

Good evening to all those who read this question.

Some time ago, was I found this ( website, which has now become the most frequently visited after Habra.

I decided to try to throw Vkontakte iOS SDK v2.0 and earn extra money, but as soon as I started to translate the documentation, which he also wrote, in English, I realized that tugova-and somehow wrong. So we decided to go to Hebraist with a request for assistance on the following: you translate documentation from Russian into English and each of the purchasers a license to get a profit of $ 10-15-20 percent (actually discussed).

Overall, what do you think about this idea? Is there any interest from the developers in this SDK version? Of course take into account that suggestions for the implementation of additional functionality are and certainly will be considered and implemented, the project will not die.

Thank you for your attention and for your answers!

The repository of the Russian version.
The repository for the English version.
October 3rd 19 at 04:01

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