Entertainment center based computer for the visually impaired and the elderly?


Some time ago I needed to find a device to play audiobooks,

that was both easy to use elderly person (although a little earlier and have mastered the basics of Internet surfing), inexpensive (to lay out more than 9,000 p for diplopia in which the filling is essentially a regular player for 1000 p, not smiling. The available models have a bunch of stocks) with the possibility of expanding the functionality.

The idea to make such a complex PC-based, since he is already there.

Connected to the computer keyboard programmable from the cash register — she's got a few buttons, all programmable, cost quite a bit.

Also connect speakers the Internet.

The program starts when the computer starts (if something hangs, after reset it will start), listens to the keyboard

when pressed emits the sound corresponding to the button mode (like, "You have selected the audio books").

Requires the implementation of clear navigation on the books, with their vocalization zaglowka.

Also it would be good to have access to the list of Internet radio stations (many of them, lots of news etc.). Podcasts and audiology are also welcome.

Increased functionality — in question — reading rss feeds of Newspapers, gods, etc. With full vneshnei golosovaniia program.

Small function keys weather, time, temperature.

For good, if you podkluchenie gsm modem to Bordeaux from an app to make phone calls with voice the phone book.

And finally, a very promising feature — audiozapisey book, a sort of a structured Notepad to, let's say, to audiometry.

The interface to this should be simple, so fast people started to use it.

Ah, Yes — the platform allows a computer to quickly log on to the computer remotely in case of problems, or, for example, to fill new links in the rss.

So the question is — did someone from that?

Are there any ideas how to best implement it?

I recently saw an article about electroputere, maybe it's close to the subject.

Personally, I plan to start trying to at least play books, writing a program to (start to fight) delphi\lazarus, managing events winampom to steam with the mp3 decoder.

If there are people interested in creating a product useful full?
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October 3rd 19 at 04:23
Sorry, can't suggest anything sensible but good synth that listening to the book: tiflo.info/rhvoice/
He perfectly pronounces any text, which he was given on entrance, without delay.
October 3rd 19 at 04:25
See also the module of sound system events. The leader of the — JAWS.
October 3rd 19 at 04:27
Hmm... to be honest... Can you offer Linux?
However, if no experience, it is better not to =)
Similar ideas in mind there, but that's about the performance need to think.
you can offer, but the deal with programmirovaniem for this platform will be released garazdo longer than I want... So far with Linux I will indulge no further MR-3020) - Dayna commented on October 3rd 19 at 04:30

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