ISPManager + Exim

1. DKIM is not working.
2. Different headers when sending via ISPManager PHP and webmail.

exim.con what менялf
begin transports
DKIM_DOMAIN = ${lc:${domain:$h_from:}}
DKIM_FILE = /etc/exim/dkim/${lc:${domain:$h_from:}}.pem
driver = smtp

dkim_domain = DKIM_DOMAIN
dkim_selector = mail
dkim_private_key = DKIM_PRIVATE_KEY
dkim_canon = relaxed
dkim_strict = 0

dns settings
_domainkey TXT (text record) "t=y\; o=~\;"
ftp a (Internet v4 address)
mail a (Internet v4 address)
mail._domainkey TXT (text record) "v=DKIM1\; t=y\; k=rsa\; p=MIGfMA0GCSqGSIb3DQEBAQUAA4GNADCBiqkbgqcmxz5tjjyrvci0x5cl7jkmdz6khnwrj3m1r4aq4wv5ugror+OmqzaBHKdrgFAAoAxVq785bqrmDEWLcUpileo2zhp9utrcj4kclagtkorkj+EjmVEM14ShkF/Cj+ZoOAHs0bKx8yVsvBWsC6HRpFjI3rxwaTvmumijkwd/DtFvLwIDAQAB" NS (server imun) NS (server imun) MX (mail server) mail MX (mail server) mail A (Internet v4 address) TXT (text record) v=spf1 ip4: a mx ~all
ns1 a (Internet v4 address)
ns2 a (Internet v4 address)
pop a (Internet v4 address)
smtp a (Internet v4 address)
www a (Internet v4 address)
1 answer
October 3rd 19 at 04:28
ISPManager have regular problems c DKIM. True. And, tried on different systems: CloudLinux (including other rhel-based system), on Debian and on FreeBSD. Two months ago was, well, a lot of problems. Out of the box did not work, only dopilivat hands. You know, with the policy of product development from ISPSystems it is not necessary to wait for the fixes. Moreover, they stated that working on the fifth branch of products, in the fourth only closed bugs. And, by the way, very slowly.

My advice: if possible, go to opensourcenow socket developer with Habra. Incidentally, such problems were not observed.

And here, in your case, it is necessary dopilivat hands. Besides, the information provided is not enough to say for sure what the problem is.
Installed Ubuntu + Zpanel. And everything was settled. - Landen.Ko commented on October 3rd 19 at 04:31
Read the forum before installing VestaCP. I gave up on her. After a couple tightly the falling of a web muzzle. About all there quota and so on, even do not want to listen, it turns out through one. - aish commented on October 3rd 19 at 04:34

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