Please advise a distributed device management system

It is difficult to formulate what exactly I want, so not easy to Google, so I'm asking here.
Task: you have a few dozen devices, simple, light bulbs, motors, switches, etc., probably connected to multiple computers, and (quite possibly) running on different operating systems.

All of these devices should be knit in a certain internal logic, not harder "By pressing this button to turn on/off a light bulb if the switch be in the ON position, and the time on the clock no more than 20:00 for Moscow." Plus it would be useful to a web muzzle for controlling logic and access the individual devices. In General, the now fashionable idea of "smart home".

Naturally, it is possible to write from scratch, but it's very long and Cycling. The solution for this kind of task is precisely there: in particular, when I worked at the Kurchatov synchrotron, we used TANGO distributed control system based on OmniORB Orb Protocol for CORBA. And literally 200 lines of code in C++ and 200 lines of python code allow to operate x-ray tomography. Another issue is that TANGO is highly specific, it develops a community of operators synchrotrons, and does a lot of what I gift is not necessary and a lot of what I need, but it is not implemented.

Maybe someone will recommend something more suitable?
October 3rd 19 at 04:42
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October 3rd 19 at 04:44
You want from one computer to operate different devices? If you fit any SCADA system.
The only thing we need to see what Protocol it is possible to control devices and to choose the appropriate module for SCADA.
At the moment I have an IO Board PIO D144, which is able to supply voltage to read the state with each of their channels, which are bolted switches around the house and through the output transistors — lighting. No special Protocol for the management of all this trouble is not all that there is a driver Board. But not the fact that I do not want to connect any other devices to the system, so you need something modular, and extensible. - phoebe.Shields commented on October 3rd 19 at 04:47
illepidus, for yourself, a loved one, preferably the bike. Which is easy to understand and customize it under new conditions.
For those who have nowhere to put money, you can use something like labview: an extremely expensive but simple.
I strongly doubt that there is a Golden middle: opensource + versatility. Or anal fencing + crazy amounts of money for the versatility, or freedom narrowly focused. - Sylvester40 commented on October 3rd 19 at 04:50
Write your OPC server for the given card, and then take any SCADA connect to an OPC server and control the devices. When adding new devices — add them to the OPC server. - amya58 commented on October 3rd 19 at 04:53

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