The ratio of developers to the naming of directories with a dot and transfer of the NC variables

Hello, I want to ask with regards to web developers to different things, question 2: about the directory with dot in the name and passing variables to the server in a CNC.

1) one Question.
Do you think this is acceptable or not from your point of view (just answer with the server's point of view is quite acceptable).

.EN/ — so normally or you can say, do labor, or not labor to do?
.ru/my.html/ — and so?
.EN/my.pht/ — and so?

2) Question two
How would you transmit variables to CNC form?
Seen as done in Zend

What do you think — how to pass TRU as Zend or so for example as you think good, except for the impossibility of passing in the value of the sign "_" (s var all always rules — any variable names)

A couple of things about SEO optimization, I believe that the preferred option is through " _ " the variant with "/"

PS: not holivara for the sake of, and because it is very convenient to implement a single solution.
Thanks for the replies.
October 8th 19 at 00:40
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October 8th 19 at 00:42
1) Directories starting with a dot (or ending with a tilde) I usually forbid in the config servers, just in case.

2) it is better to make easily perceived by human, such as /abouts-us /offers?sort=-date&page=120 or /offers/by-date/was 120. Makes no sense, including t h SEO, is assigned to different versions of the same page to unique URLs without parameters. This will only bring litter index and reduce the efficiency of the search.
CNC — it's so Human readable URL, not a dump of the parameters separated by slashes instead of question mark. While there, Vkontakte without CNC and it does not prevent him from being a website number 1 in Russia. - antonette.Gislas commented on October 8th 19 at 00:45
October 8th 19 at 00:44
My opinion:
1. Points in the sections is permissible, if not confusing. A resource extension can also imply that it can be changed for different clients, for example my.html -> my.xml -> my.json -> my.txt.
2. Because I believe the slash as a directory separator, the url should open if you remove everything after the slash. For example, if /product/phone/siemens/2000/ consequently /product/phone/siemens/ will also be open and will show all the phones siemens.
3. Logic variables of the query are passed in the arguments, e.g. /search?q=querystring
4. As far as I know, for SE long as he could distinguish individual words. From the point of view of what slash is the hierarchy delimiter, it is better to use dashes or underscores.
October 8th 19 at 00:46

and why is that? because and so:




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