Can't connect to the Com object to the Silverlight project:

Good morning.
Develop a program for reading images from the webcam and process it using a com object.
Gave rise to the following questions:
1) unfortunately It is impossible to connect the com object in the normal way
i.e. Add reference->Com tab com just yet.
2) if I connect the com object this way:
using (dynamic im = AutomationFactory.CreateObject("my object"))
I can use the functions of the object, but I can't get the types.
I.e. you can't declare a variable's type declared in the object itself.
Can someone suggest how to solve this problem?
October 8th 19 at 00:49
1 answer
October 8th 19 at 00:51
If the server has a tlb (it would still be needed when connecting the reference to the project), then tlbimp to help. If tlb is not (or no firmware), here only in the runtime types to create (you can use instead of the CLSID and ProgID, if any), and then these types of to activate

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