git workflow for working with a live side project

Make a website on PrestaShop. Of course you have to modify to fit your needs. The engine has a plugin system, and the beginnings of the PLO to override the base classes. But not too elaborately, so edit system files is still necessary.

Using git for development. There is a problem of version updates. Let's say I finished the version 1.4.6 and changed the system file order.php. It turns out the version 1.4.7 that is distributed with the zip archive. My changes order.php do not conflict with changes in 1.4.7. But the process of renewal implies that the file is just replaced.

I can't think of what is the easiest way to update the local code of the engine that my change was not erased.

There is an option in the forehead. To do a diff between the code version 1.4.6 without my changes and the new 1.4.7. Then the diff to roll on a working copy. I think it will work, but not very convenient.

Surely you can adjust both git but not yet understand how. Maybe someone has ideas?

PS the engine's Code is in SVN but, again, it is not clear how this can help me.
October 8th 19 at 00:52
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