Twitter API — search result for hashtag "top tweets" for the Twitter widget?

I want to put Twitter widget on your website that displays tweets for a given hashtag.

But not all tweets (realtime) and only a popular. Meaning this:


If you use Twitter widgets (both official and third party) are always in search for the hashtag to show ALL tweets. To get the widgets of results, similar to the tab all in the search for a tweet — failed.

Tried the official widget, several third-party widgets and manual options call the Twitter API.


In the official Twitter widget in the setting of this parameter is no.

However googled this parameter, toptweets:

features: { toptweets: true }

With this parameter, the query did not return any result.

Info about the existence of this parameter was taken from here.


In the third-party widget to the URL of the call set up parameter &result_type=popular, but my search got again an empty response. Search keywords: #twitter, #google were each given just one tweet that gave me the idea that this parameter provides very popular tweets, and not those which are in the tab all in the normal Twitter search. Information about this parameter was taken from the official documentation of Twitter API GET search

Total, simple and logical at first glance, the task is put on the website feed of high quality tweets on a given topic, so far not been solved. I do not want to show a large flow castelnaulelez and low-quality tweets.

Asking for help from those who have good experience with the Twitter API.

Maybe I don't know something (not caught up) or is it just impossible?

Thank you!
October 8th 19 at 00:57
1 answer
October 8th 19 at 00:59
Use Twitter REST API's search/tweets.
In Your case the query would look like this:

(will return 10 tweets)

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