Wrap the block with other blocks on CSS

Good day!

Please help to solve the problem with CSS, the desired maximum compatibility (including IE6).

There is a fixed menu block on the left, to the right of it are placed the blocks-plaques. If you make just two columns — left menu of the table to the right, while scrolling far down will remain white stripe under the menu. I want the blocks and plates gently wrap the unit menu, as shown above.

Is there an elegant solution to this problem without JS? If definitely not, then with minimal JS...
October 8th 19 at 01:06
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October 8th 19 at 01:08
Not clear task. Me — the height of the content? Blocks to the right — also the height of the content and any number? And we need the height adjust the height of the blocks to the right?
And height fit the blocks to the right is less than the height of the menu, I was in the sky? So what?
If so, then please (sorry if jquery crooked): jsfiddle.net/2KQwn/ - hardy17 commented on October 8th 19 at 01:11
Corrected a little: jsfiddle.net/2KQwn/1/ - hardy17 commented on October 8th 19 at 01:14
October 8th 19 at 01:10
Maybe like this? jsfiddle.net/qQSpJ/9/ I am not good in coding.
Then another .rightBlock{overflow: hidden;}since the float should not go inside the blocks, as I understand it. - hardy17 commented on October 8th 19 at 01:13
alas, it does not — if inside the block table, not the text, to the right of the menu even a single unit will not - hardy17 commented on October 8th 19 at 01:16
October 8th 19 at 01:12
Do I understand correctly? jsfiddle.net/qQSpJ/
Blocks to the right have a common class, as required, the class names "block1" and "block2" just to specify the color of the blocks, they do not affect the result. The only — the last unit will have to assign an additional class "last", otherwise it will not support IE6. To unsubscribe from extra class "last", it is necessary to do so:
But then the cross-browser compatibility will drop.
And you the height of the other set and will not really beautiful, the text in the text block that will be a transition at the end of the menu, jump under it, which will reduce readability. - hardy17 commented on October 8th 19 at 01:15

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