Not available web server in openvz container

Good day!

Third day trying to set up this configuration: I want to connect via VPN to the server, there is the environment, namely: git, continuous integration server + several build agents, bugtracker, Manager of the artifacts + the environment where it will be raised dev and stable version of the system. Now it works on multiple servers of different configurations, all smeared and somehow not organizovanno, it is inconvenient to manage. Server (8 pieces) all leased of hetzner, some weak and some EQ4. Now took two EX4S (32 GB RAM), installed Debian 6 minimal OpenVZ, OpenvVPN, bind9. Lifted the first containers, established a ci server (in fact it is a web application that runs under tomcathome) to another container mounted bugtracker (also under tomcathome). I then started to happen strange: what is the bugtracker that ci server pocti not visible from a client machine over http. Pings to containers — are great, for ssh I have to go, Internet are available. And sometimes that slips in the http response. But 99% of the requests stupidly hang and not respond. And the remaining 1% sometimes give the answer, but very slowly. If you go to the host to containers in the car and try to go with it through a terminal browser (elinks) — it all works. Firewalls — no. The container rise on the network And she's the only prosrochena via OpenVPN. I suspect that something wrong with the settings OpenVPN/iptables, but can't figure out what.

Thank you.
October 8th 19 at 01:28
1 answer
October 8th 19 at 01:30
Would need logs to look at. Start the http server and openvpn-and, to finish tcpdump-Ohm.

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