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One my question about blocking Yahoo mail my clients with a large number of emails sent(customers are all from America)
Herpolsheimer mentioned that all e-mail services remove the limitation on the rate of sending messages using spf and dkim.
I decided to check it out, have the wrong domain to be used, screwed to it spf, asked for a list of email to send from the client and did a testmail with the text test in the body and the subject line. spf definitely doesn't help to send more letters.
A couple of days smoked bamboo and decided to get dkim to not break the current mail clients have decided to experiment with dkim on a micro instance from amazon.
Put a quick postfix, dkim-milter, generate keys, configure the milter added milter in postfix, I added the necessary keys in the dns record to the test domain.
From the console, send a letter to your AK gmail and receive e-mail source
dkim=neutral (body hash did not verify)
See that the dkim signature is, records in the dns via nslookup, get the right.
How to know what is the error?
October 8th 19 at 01:30
1 answer
October 8th 19 at 01:32
Console script used extended headers to send emails, is treated by adding
X-Header Yes
in config dkim-milter
if you send via Telnet with no extended headers, all signed in correctly without this line.

Checked that neither dkim nor spf is not affected by the number of emails that can be sent to the postal service for some time, just tested for with whom customers have most of the problems.

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