The contract documents for the project development using SCRUM methodology?

Arose the next question: What should be the agreement to develop the project (or rather on design, design and development), if we decided to use scrum in software development?

We roughly determined the cost of one iteration (the work of employees (teams) multiplied by a bet) on how best to draw up a contract, to avoid later conflict there is no understanding.

Tried to find on the Internet — yet nothing came of it.

Thanks in advance.
October 8th 19 at 02:05
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October 8th 19 at 02:07
By and large no difference what methodology you are using. The agreement must specify: the subject of the development, stages, timing, cost, law... Everything else is not relevant to the contract. That is, you can take any contract for software development.

Of course, nobody forbids you to specify something in the spirit "while working on your project we commit ourselves to drink coffee and wear green Slippers", but why?

View the contract Lebedev Studio, for example —

But in General, my personal opinion (not necessarily correct) that the custom software development to apply the so-called agile methodology is not necessary — the customer will fly with the money and jump in the middle of a project, because such methods do not allow to calculate the project as a whole (who knows what will happen in the next iteration: the news feed and integration with the SAP?). I would suggest in your case to do iteration (planning, design, development, testing) — individual projects (or phases of the annexes to the framework agreement), in the event of a breakup, no one was hurt.
>> these methods do not allow to calculate the project as a whole (who knows what will happen in the next iteration: the news feed and integration with the SAP?)

Project calculates not methods, and people. Who said that you cannot apply the counting techniques of the PMBoK? Agile — they are because flexible because it is possible to follow the recommendations or not to follow or to follow the recommendations from other methodologies. In any case, there is the product backlog, and there is a backlog iteration. Even in the case of agile methodologies the picture should be clear to the end at least 80-90%. If initially there is a situation where in the next iteration is not yet clear even about the tasks to run, then to take over such a project not even worth it. - Rhiannon71 commented on October 8th 19 at 02:10
The contract should be spelled out how to measure results. You can focus just on the contract and do what exactly is listed there. In the end, as a rule, the customer receives everything literally, that does not give him the satisfaction obtained from work. Another option is to focus on acceptance tests and procedures that you must also register the contract. If you need protection from customer — guided by the contract. If you want to keep the customer — focus on results. - Rhiannon71 commented on October 8th 19 at 02:13

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