Node.js + GTK+ WebKit = Really ? (under Windows)

Actually really want to answer with a reference. the gugleniya search on the subject gave little results.
October 8th 19 at 02:12
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October 8th 19 at 02:14
GTK and WebKit I have a great work together, but the signatures under gnu/linux. Can write simple example — gtk to other languages easily tolerated. Can even a topic to work with webkit to write here besides me almost no one in the blog does not write gtk :-(
Would be glad to read your topic. PS: Under linux, examples enough :) don't remember exactly but many written in the Gita is something like "Making a binary for windows is hard work" (It's about linking a node with GTK). - Nina.Orn commented on October 8th 19 at 02:17
Under Winows, to be honest, never GTK is not collected. But as for node.js I've been going to poke, and all the time is not enough. Now at least reason to be. - Gilbert.Schmidt commented on October 8th 19 at 02:20
October 8th 19 at 02:16
There's this thing called node-webkit , the same code for three platforms:
Linux: 32bit / 64bit
Windows: win32
Mac: 32bit, 10.7+

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