Change Protocol Mail.Ru agent?

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The question I asked in the blog on habrahabr and Twitter company He received no response. So I ask the question here in case someone relevant to it will answer.

On 7 March, at about 12.00 Moscow time the agent periodically disconnected. As it turned out, the cause of this phenomenon was the change of Protocol the official client.

The traffic analysis showed that the contents of the package, apparently, is encrypted.

Alternative clients (QIP, etc.) continued to operate on the old version of the Protocol.

Why the fuss: in our corporate environment using firewall rules prohibited the transfer of files via the agent is only allowed exchange of text messages. In principle, while wireshark'ohms, I pulled the IDs of text messages, and messages that initiate file transfers. But I would like to hear comments on a few points.

1. Will there be available a description of the new Protocol?

2. The old Protocol will be completely removed from circulation, or a new Protocol to use the official client, and the old one will remain for the alternative?

3. If the old Protocol is not completely removed from circulation, what time is planned to support it?


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October 8th 19 at 02:20
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