Connection to Cisco Call Manager with third-party software service?

In administering CISCO IP telephony a complete zero — you ask the guru.

Can I associate CISCO Call Manager (CCM) / IVR with any service that is hosted on another physical server?

For example, call -> caller dials in tone dialing any numbers -> these data are received for a particular service on another machine ( Well, something like that.

And another question, how to programmatically record every call and also send the generated file to third-party service?

Thank you in advance all who were interested.
October 8th 19 at 02:22
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October 8th 19 at 02:24
Caught myself thinking that the task of sending requests to another server via Cisco IVR, is done by means of standard programming language TCL, namely through the opening of the socket

 set sock [socket -async 33000]
 vwait connected
 puts $sock "A Test Line"

With puts, you can send the data directly received from Cisco IVR API.
October 8th 19 at 02:26
Can. In Cisco VoIP is a wonderful technology, such as Call Routing, sawing in this way.
Well, on the second question, we can advise You only SORM, perhaps this is exactly what you need, although I could be wrong, in practice, have not met with it)
Thanks for the reply. As I understand, Cisco will automatically redirect data to the service when the occurrence of any event (a key press or something). Redirect and lose the caller? Or possible future work is IVR?
For example, the first example that came to my mind:

The client after a certain choice in the interactive menu falls into the category of input information on a plastic card. After entering plasticboy card+"*"+CVC code, data is coming to the service on the other Bank server, which in turn ocheredi sends requests for verification to a processing center. Now the processing center returns a response. Data goes in the reverse direction of Processing the Service Call Manager. And depending on the values of these data, IVR performs certain actions (as I understand it, the logic of the IVR work prescribed for TLC) - Johnson_Hacke commented on October 8th 19 at 02:29
October 8th 19 at 02:28
Anyone interested, here is an example call recording and subsequent playback of the caller (TLC script). Team media record

proc act_Setup { } {<br> <br / > puts "\n DEBUGGING: Start act_Setup"<br> init_perCallVars<br> <br / > set ani [infotag get leg_ani]<br> set dnis [infotag get leg_dnis]<br> <br / > if { $dnis == "0555005211" } {<br> puts "\n DEBUGGING: Welcome Play"<br> leg setupack leg_incoming<br> leg proceeding leg_incoming<br> leg connect leg_incoming<br> media play leg_incoming<br> fsm setstate RECORD<br> }<br> aaa authenticate $ani $dnis<br> puts "\n DEBUGGING: Stop act_Setup"<br> <br / > }<br> <br / > .....<br> <br / > proc act_Record { } {<br> global param<br> global filename<br> <br / > set filename [infotag get leg_guid]<br> puts "\n DEBUGGING: for record Filename - $filename"<br> media record leg_incoming -p codec=5-p maxDuration=15000 -m %b flash:$filename<br> fsm setstate RECORD_PLAY<br> }<br> <br / > proc act_RecordPlay {} {<br> global param<br> global filename<br> <br / > puts "\n DEBUGGING: Play Record"<br> puts "\n DEBUGGING: for play Filename - $filename"<br> media play leg_incoming flash:$filename<br> fsm setstate CALLACTIVE<br> }<br> <br / > ....<br> <br / > set fsm(CALL_INIT,ev_setup_indication) "act_Setup AUTHENTICATE"<br> set fsm(RECORD,ev_media_done) "act_Record RECORD_PLAY"<br> set fsm(RECORD_PLAY,ev_recorder) "act_RecordPlay CALLACTIVE"<br> <br / >
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