Compatible bluetooth keyboard Rapoo E6300 HTC Desire S?

Gave Rapoo E6300, tried to connect it to HTC Desire S, Nokia N800, Ubuntu (via bluetooth adapter), the Mac Book Pro. Earned only with the latter, where it is completely useless. On the N800 managed to type a few characters, after which he ceased to react to it.

Is there anyone who understands Bluetooth HID — what is this can be that simply support the underlying Protocol is not enough for normal operation?

Pairing with HTC is normal: dial the area code on the phone, then the keyboard and Enter, then the keyboard appears in the device list with a status of "Connected. Disabled" and more does not manifest itself. I tried to put BlueImput, but it did not help: keyboard sees, but when trying to connect gives: "Error: Failed to open a connection to Bluetoth Keyboard". I'm not talking about the printing of the Cyrillic alphabet, any way the phone would be on it reacted.

On the manufacturer's website all responses from the category of "La-La-La, check whether the battery is inserted". Online found the following related links:

To routit phone, especially while it is under warranty, for keyboard do not plan to. The main question for the experts on the topic — what is the connection of the keyboard so special that it requires such dances with a tambourine? Well, maybe someone found a way to make friends?
October 8th 19 at 02:24
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October 8th 19 at 02:26
with the galaxy s 2 normal flight.
but you need to do so on it: choose the device "Bluetooth keyboard" (underneath it says "Logged in"), select disconnect,
choose again the option "Bluetooth keyboard" to connect.

A message appears that it is necessary to enter a number, enter a number on the keyboard, it is connected.
On the phone to enter anything not necessary.

My coworker tried to connect with Claudia via your galaxy ace, it did not work.
his phone gave a message "enter your code" and the input field (i.e. the code needed phone). On galaxy 2 with no code to enter so, it is only necessary for the clave.

By the way, nobody knows how to switch the layout on it?
October 8th 19 at 02:28
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