PyCharm and Subversion over HTTPS with client certificates?


A bundle as described above: PyCharm 2.0.2 and Svn 1.6 via Apache HTTPD mod_dav and mod_dav_svn.

If I write in console something like svn co https:/ /server/path/to/repo, it asks me for my certificate (asks to enter the path to the PKCS#12 file), the passphrase from it, then the name and password for HTTP Basic Authentication on the server, and then successfully pulls the working copy (including svn:externals that are there). From the point of view of the server it looks like this: - - [07/Mar/2012:21:52:36 +0400] "OPTIONS /messaging HTTP/1.1" 401 464 - merlin [07/Mar/2012:21:52:41 +0400] "OPTIONS /messaging HTTP/1.1" 200 189 - merlin [07/Mar/2012:21:52:41 +0400] "PROPFIND /messaging HTTP/1.1" 207 649

If I try to access this same repository of PyCharm, in the first configuration (File->Settings->Version Control->Subversion), I click Edit Network Options and specify the path to the certificates.

Then, VCS->Checkout from Version Control->Subversion, a window opens "SVN Repository Browser". I add the path to the repository, trying to indicate I needed a branch and I say: "svn: OPTIONS of /messaging: 403 Forbidden (https://server)", and in the server logs appears this: - - [07/Mar/2012:21:04:54 +0400] "OPTIONS /messaging HTTP/1.1" 403 274

And that's all. In documentation it is written that the idea PyCharm I had to throw out a window with login and password; it does not eject, apparently, because he is not, the server responds 401 and 403. And why he responds with 403 — not clear (maybe because PyCharm does not send him a certificate? Because the passphrase I have not asked).

How would it overcome?
October 8th 19 at 02:25
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