How android implemented graphics hardware acceleration?

Good day to all.

Long fighting with the problem: on the Chinese tablet flytouch 2 is debian instead of android. Everything works except video acceleration with mplayer through the framebuffer slows down terribly when playing, for example .mkv, though the same video plays perfectly the android. Connected the kernel module galcore ( gpu from vivante) is a zero mass.

Run android init ( Yes, the way he tolerably loaded android in a chroot init because Android has no restrictions on the number of the process, don't you think true that you separately on this issue have an article to write. To boot, but dies in the process system + not working part sensor + image is loaded across the screen and cut), connected on /dev/graphics/fb0, fb1 and galcore: fb0 — a common framebuffer without acceleration, fb1 — ship something somewhere, but nothing appears galcore too much for something...

Now, the question is how android is implemented graphics hardware acceleration?

Where to go the system and what files are bound?

I would be very grateful for the answer!
October 8th 19 at 02:35
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