Ebay/amazon for Belarusians

Good night. Can anyone enlighten as to the Byelorussian to buy something on ebay/amazon. As I understand it, it is quite troublesome.
Can someone buy? Tell me, if not difficult.
I would be grateful for briefly FAK.
October 8th 19 at 02:37
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October 8th 19 at 02:39
directly — in any way. search for intermediaries baraholka.onliner.by/search.php?q=ebay
The intermediary chtoli? - reba.Ruecker15 commented on October 8th 19 at 02:42
October 8th 19 at 02:41
Bought a couple of kindlon from Amazon. Directly they do not deliver, so I had to use the services of shipito. Paypal have not necessarily — and Amazon, and shipito know how to make their own cards (visa classic or virtual, not electron).

Shipping from Amazon to shipito goes through UPS, you can choose free, then it will be a few days longer. Shipping from shipito to Belarus Express mail. You do not need to do customs clearance, but only to pay the required amount at the moment of receiving the package.
October 8th 19 at 02:43
No problems except for a check of the Belarusian card in papoli.

A detailed explanation how to do it here — forum.onliner.by/viewtopic.php?t=2891475

other issues associated with Ebay in Belarus here minsk2.com (articles + forums)
October 8th 19 at 02:45
A brief algorithm is as follows:
1. To create a PayPal wallet and bind the card (given that Belarus is not even in the list of country selection, we register all of Russia, then not every card they like, and of course do not forget about the bath). Alternatives: friends who can pay or someone from the same flea market onlayner.
2. To buy through an intermediary (if the goods are not shipped outside the USA) or ask the seller to send the parcel by regular mail USPS (this is very important, as there is a limit of 120 Euros, for courier services only 10 and have to go to the airport to pass the quest)
Customs Union in effect, a duty on the machines are the same, and the parcels left 120 euros instead of 1000 as neighbors. - reba.Ruecker15 commented on October 8th 19 at 02:48

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