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This is my life story. I became acquainted with his future wife when she was a sophomore in College, she then studied at the faculty of land management and did not know what happened. I never understood why she did this, and when I looked the old drawings have got to be... why zemleustroystvo. Ended Institute, began the civil service. And then I've seen enough of that Petrovich with my first was a fluffy hamster.
And when she was offered for the increase in SN for 10 euros per month to take on the responsibility for all of the top bribe-takers (in fact, this is such a post — land grant acts). I decided — enough. The next day her statement was on the table. And I promised myself that it will do what I dreamed of before coming to the Institute to draw.

The essence
Now my wife is using offline courses, video lessons, articles on the Internet have mastered Photoshop, Illustrator, a little stuffed hand on a tablet. I see her as an Illustrator for small games, we have in the city there is a small Desk. But how to move on I do not understand. Because there are a couple of questions:
A) Recommend books:
1. The theory of design as simple as possible and not dry language below, covering topics from colors to the fonts teorii
2. Maybe there is something in the Russian language for the game designers
3. Maybe some books about illustrations of the characters?
B) If You have tips for further "quick" training — I appreciate it VERY much
C) Maybe we should focus training not on illustration games, but in a different direction? For example, creating illustrations for various effluents, or as a universal "free fighter"
October 8th 19 at 02:54
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October 8th 19 at 02:56
You have a "problem of the beginner and the professional."

Professional different from the novice knowledge of the application area and the ability to organize their work. How well does your wife know graphics in games? Let him take a few games and try to make a copy of the drawings.

— Register for DA ( and look there, repeat. And let them create their own gallery there.
— She needed a course of pencil drawing, to be controlled with a tablet. On rutrekere was simple but understandable rate
— It would be good to read at least one book on academic drawing.
— Try to draw every day.
— And when comprehend Zen let studying Gimp (I hope by the time released version 2.8).
Thanks for Your advice. Much of what You say has already passed.
— Work some repeats and even the bad.
— She used to go to art school, because the hand remembers the pencil. In order to remember drew various portraits, a few sessions with the artist offline.
— The GIMP — it is not our way. Maybe later. - Eugenia.Rath commented on October 8th 19 at 02:59
October 8th 19 at 02:58
Personally, I studied cartoons. Mine is the same as it gives to understand what the picture may be different from realnosti, and what you can prinebregat. There are good lessons from Carton Smart, but unfortunately there is not enough free.
Yes, it's mostly Flash, but if you need technology, it is no worse. In General, all of Google on YouTube. (otovitsa?) - Eugenia.Rath commented on October 8th 19 at 03:01

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