Cygwin, rsync, and network drive?

There is a need to synchronize a directory that is online (connected as a network drive on one of the machines), as a decision was taken by rsync with cygwin, but the problem occurred, rsync can not read the remote directory (which is mounted as a network drive), the contents of the configuration file
use chroot = false

strict modes = false



path = /cygdrive/x

comment = remote disk X:

read only = false

writes @ERROR: chdir failed, googled this problem occurs when you try to access to the network drive.

What was tested:

rsync from cygwin — there is a problem

DeltaCopy (GUI on rsync) — issue is present

QtdSync (GUI over rsync) — works (i.e. still have the opportunity to work with network drives)

What I would like:

working with the cygwin rsync without the GUI

Maybe somebody encountered such problem or has thoughts on the matter.
October 8th 19 at 02:57
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