Replication Master-Slave two databases simultaneously (MySQL)

Good day!

There is a diagram of a Master-Slave for DB1, where the slave is used for backup.
Task: to add a new DB database2 on the Master so that DB2 replicated on the Slave.

Added in the configs of both servers:

replicate-do-db = DB1
replicate-do-db = DB2

Restarted the server, and the command SHOW SLAVE STATUS; see that replication somehow fell. The DB2 database dump on the Slave, I have not flooded.

1) What am I doing wrong?
2) If the mood of the replica, as it collapses in case of problems? (for example, if someone made an INSERT in which table on the Slave in one database)

In advance, thank you!
October 8th 19 at 03:09
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