The full version is Linux Express Gate

On a netbook Asus VX6 Lamborghini and many others, there is a separate button to download the fast OS Asus Express Gate. Personally, I would be extremely happy if this button was loaded, not a stripped-down version and a full featured operating system (e.g. Debian with astronym web server to work). It seems to me, not one I'd be happy to find a solution to this problem.

Perhaps someone has experience of a permutation? It is not clear whether to start the Axis, mounted in the same section, by clicking this button or not. I will be glad to hear different opinions and advice.
October 8th 19 at 03:45
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October 8th 19 at 03:47
As far as I know, nothing drastic except for the minimal patch of the EG, people came up with. Like someone tried to add Skype and something else, and it seems someone did. That's about it. If you find something, let me know pliz.

PS: current I think that's why I need it, I have all virtualtech holds. :)
PS2: if the disk is SSD, the system boot is not much longer than EG...
October 8th 19 at 03:49
on any forum I read, on this occasion, even wrote in support of ASUS, something like how to link the launch of the system to the same button, EG, but they did not want to disclose information.
p.s. we had also been interested in this question, but alas, no entries were found...

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