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The customer pays for the goods through PayPal. In the statement on PayPal has almost all the information on this transaction, but we need the client confirmed that he not only has access to the PayPal statement, and the statement of his client Bank. Does the statement of the client Bank something in the description of the transaction, which is not in the Bank statement PayPal, but PayPal tells us after the payment (or we to it somehow, something to pass to that appeared in the Bank statement of the client in its client-Bank, but not PayPal)?

Our goal is to make the analogue card verification like PayPal when after applying the new card must be entered on the PayPal site code, which is visible only in the statement of the client Bank and is not visible in the transaction in PayPal.

October 8th 19 at 03:47
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October 8th 19 at 03:49
1) authorization Code generates the Bank-the Issuer of the card. Point.

2) PayPal does not rely on the auth code. Because the auth code the issuing Bank may not show the client as rightly noted above. This technical information, the client displayed in the client check with operations on actual devices "in reserve" for future fights, and in the statement — as lucky.

3) PayPal themselves, when they send a test authorization request, put generated PayPal'Ohm 4-digit code somewhere in the field of detail of the payment (called a "Merchant Name", "Merchant City", etc.).

4) In the statement on the side of the issuing Bank the very short description line payment drawn from several fields transactional message, and exactly as arranged extract from a specific Issuer. In this team the line should get our code (if you do have PayPal). I am glad that common logic from different issuers, and have the chance yet to see your code (since all interested parties known interchange formats, assignments, and minimum length fields).

5) Field shamelessly cut and still on the road between banks and SMEs. Ie, there is a chance that Your code someone on the road cut off, when the field in the box will not fit. But if for example the merchant name "HORNS AND HOOFS" is replaced by "31337 HORNS AND HOOFS", the chance to see "31337 ROG KO" in the statement of the Issuer is high, but this will concern all other aspects of a transactional exchange — it depends, it is necessary to clarify and verify.

6) And finally, ask at and/or whoever provides You with the acquiring services, where and how it would be better N-digit number to put a guarantee to it in the long road transaction didn't cut the shit, and so everyone was happy.
Don't know if PayPal relies on the auth code, but this code is available to the issuing Bank and the seller. According to the rules of Visa issuing Bank must inform the cardholder of this code. The fact that banks do not — they do not paint, because it's not their thing :) - Ryleigh_Nicol commented on October 8th 19 at 03:52
ntkt: Thank you for your detailed response. The thing is that even if a merchant name and make 1234 barnyard where 1234 is the code inspection, will be seen in the PayPal transaction, not only in the statement of the client Bank.

The fact that PayPal when making test authorization card, write your code, Merchant Name is Yes, the transaction such at PayPal itself, by itself, does not show. But we can not deny PayPal'have to show our transaction with them, the customer will enter the code with a statement from your client Bank we have on the site. - schuyler.Heaney commented on October 8th 19 at 03:55
Yeah, see, I totally missed that You want to work cares PayPal_, a not CAC PayPal_ :)
Then, indeed, is only the authorization code, once his PayPal is not showing. - Berneice_Emmerich1 commented on October 8th 19 at 03:58
October 8th 19 at 03:51
Not 100% sure, but I think "Authorisation Code" will help you. As far as I can see in paypal, this is not True in some banks to this code somewhat problematic in connection with the applicable security policy. In your statement this code should be.

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