The base components of the various devices?

Is there any database where you can see what components are used in a particular device. Tried to find information about the brand of the screen in the Navigator Ritmix RGP-550, that would order the replacement, but so far fully failed.
October 8th 19 at 03:48
1 answer
October 8th 19 at 03:50
Specifically, there is no common basis. Usually there is a base from manufacturers. who walk in the service centers, but they normally have with major manufacturers. Usually looks, in fact, right on the screen, written part numbers on the back of the display. It's like I told you people 3 years changing displays of beeches say.
And this is not the base, and a separate service manual for the specific device. - Guiseppe commented on October 8th 19 at 03:53

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