IOS app for time management?

Please share IOS apps for time management.

Tell us about those that you like and why.

Ideally, I am interested in the application (this may not exist), in which it would be possible to record your current life priorities (to stop talking and pans not to smoke more than a pack a day, not to forget about language learning, etc.) and the application from time to time would remind them, and if some of the written thesis you probaply not complied with, a relevant note in the Appendix.

Very messy, sorry.But all of a sudden.
October 8th 19 at 03:57
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October 8th 19 at 03:59
Just yesterday asked the same question. Premonitoring a few pages in the app store. At this point the best app that I found — 2Do. The rating he is also very good.
Advantages — synchronization (many options), you can attach photos/ contacts/write, you can plan projects, create check-lists, constantly updated (add new features).
Yesterday conducted a survey on the topic of planning tool ( Most chose the most convenient way of planning notebooks and paper records, and the it community. And I also come to the conclusion that the best planner there is.
October 8th 19 at 04:01
On iOs I can tell, but I would venture to suggest the web.

The priorities are habits need. Free to choose three healthy habits (not eating sweets, going to the gym, read half an hour a day or whatever you do) and check in at the specified time on the implementation, to glasses, to keep track of statistics. A greater number of habits and reminders is something about 5$. The contract for the month is created once and not changed until the next.

There are Russian, more fancy option, with the mobile web version is more like a social network

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