IDE under Mac (Python + Django)?

People change to Mac, tell me who uses what editor to have syntax highlighting for Python (Django if in them!) well I standard set of course html+css+php+js? Look at Coda, Textmate, Komodo — but the reviews different meet and can't decide. Anything that can be used tell me what are the pros (what you liked in each of them)?

Maybe someone else enjoys something???
October 9th 19 at 19:10
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October 9th 19 at 19:12
try Emacs, maybe you will get in the way of the Jedi
October 9th 19 at 19:14
Textmate. There is syntax highlighting and snippets for Jangi (it is necessary to swing separately), Python naturally built. This reactor of its simplicity, minimalism and elegance.
Compared to Komodo is much more bright and nativee.
Debajit knows? - Rusty.Runolfsson commented on October 9th 19 at 19:17
PyCharm. Of course, not so easy and native as TextMate, but it is IDE and not just a text editor. - Jolie_Satterfield commented on October 9th 19 at 19:20
October 9th 19 at 19:16
October 9th 19 at 19:18
October 9th 19 at 19:20
TextWrangler is free and very convenient.
Fraise, Smultron former, also free, but apparently it sounded.
And of course Emacs.
Then Aquamacs - Rusty.Runolfsson commented on October 9th 19 at 19:23
aquamacs I don't really like, in its quest to better integrate Emacs to the Mac, developers have irecovery many things including shortcuts, added the tabs, etc. I feel bad because I work in parallel on different platforms and make sure the software was as equal as possible everywhere. - Jolie_Satterfield commented on October 9th 19 at 19:26
October 9th 19 at 19:22
For python, django and layout yuzayu Espresso and TextMate.

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