Create DCOM object in C#?

You want to create a DCOM object. You can write it in C# and how to do it?

For example, in embarcadero studio there is a special tool for creating COM objects.
October 10th 19 at 05:23
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October 10th 19 at 05:25
article on the subject
Perhaps you have already engaged in the development of DCOM objects and tell me whether the following is real, but I'm afraid I might slightly misunderstand the concept:
to create a DCOM object, install it on Windows CE and register on a normal computer; when you connect a DCOM object in code on the computer you are connecting to a device with WinCE; the challenge DCOM object to forward all the information passed by TCP to the bus, e.g. CAN, USB - amelie.Howell commented on October 10th 19 at 05:28
With DCOM on WinCE to communicate was not possible, and COM actually die already. By the way, DCOM from WinCE 6.0 to have cut. I'd look for another solution, for example, to make client and server as WCF services and to make binding for tcp/ip remoting. Though it may be, to the mobile WCF there are limitations, it is necessary to look — but can always be done by hand, using remoting. - Zakary74 commented on October 10th 19 at 05:31

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