Articles on development for the SharePoint 2010 platform

Wondering whether Habr, article about the subject? What is the plan?
October 10th 19 at 07:35
2 answers
October 10th 19 at 07:37
Don't know how Habr, but I personally would be interested in reading :)
Especially with regard to the integration with various products and technologies.
October 10th 19 at 07:39
Support about integration of information for the development of a primitive web partow have enough.
It would also be interesting to see the description BD s (which is now even more). To at least know how to draw in Reporting Services, yeah.

For its part, can also to share a little experience.
In one of the units SP 2010 put it into farm mode, but without the domain with the database on SQL Express with Management Studio (there was no problem, helped blogpost).
Accustomed to a SP 2010 Forms-based authentication to the standard Asp.Net Membership Provider have (but then had a few days to Tinker in the Internet a bunch of manuals — but many curves for the beta).
Now I want to put next to him YAF forum with authentication using the same provider (for standard sharepointuri Discussion Board — full-cal).

PS: And still wondering how to hide the ribbon for readers to clicking on the checkbox did not shlopyvaniya the whole header. Ribbon is hidden using Sharepoint:SPSecurityTrimmedControl and CSS in it. I have one right?

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