The terminals are in an electronics store

There's a hardware store. The store has an online store. Plan is to get in the trade hall self-service terminals, where customers will be able: choose the desired products,
2.view the description of any goods,
3.draw your own order.

Will have a printer installed where you can:
1.print a receipt for payment at the checkout
2.print the product description.

1.The terminals are likely to be on linux. The terminals themselves are equipped with a keyboard, a mouse, a printer, and they will not have a touch screen.
2.The terminal will use the website on your computer will open a browser with an Internet store is expected to be limited to launch other programs program type "kiosk".
3.After ordering, you need to print documents (sales receipt) in automatic mode.
4.Printed description of the goods, but with the restriction of "once-off" print — presumably 5.

The business process is independent of the order presumably will look like the following:
1.the customer selects the product for purchase.
2.Forlani order reprinted check (or the check is displayed and the message with a question about printing) (preferably printed barcode of the order number, which would open the corresponding order at the counter)
3.client trademark check comes to the counter, pays
4.gets the item on the results

The problem is/the issue is that it is a website on Bitrix and 1C tied with UT on the exchange — upload/download.
Minimum frequency of information exchange — 10 mins+time for the exchange. Ie there are occasions when after ordering, the order in the database may appear only after 10 minutes after booking.
When it remotely, there is a big problem, but when the customer is in the sales area is a problem.

Can anyone offer any solution to the problem?
October 10th 19 at 07:45
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October 10th 19 at 07:47
Minimum frequency of information exchange — 10 mins+time for the exchange. — this is where you have or is it a limitation sewn into Beatrix, if so then why such a small gap?

I like this kiosk did 5 years ago to Sheremetievo (a separate office in it). The customer made an order in the terminal and after crossing the border he gave the Packed goods from the shop.

You write a website, but there is a limit, TC for terminal need a different design with big buttons and simple layouts. So look at the side of the terminal with a separate store with a separate database or to write a parser to load the goods from the main website, through XML to get all the goods. TK you will be terminal in the local network, then 1C can be set up to take orders from the terminal once in a minute (need to write a handler for a simple 1C). If you have the budget, then the guys from OSG engage in such complex projects like. Of course all this will work if you are not an isolated stock, and the lag in 10 minute upload Bitrix warehouse can play a cruel joke.
No, the restriction is not sewn, but less than 10 minutes to set is not recommended, it is possible that you will not have time for it just time to upgrade, and base much shipping will be.
For the kiosk, which at Sheremetievo is used exactly such a solution — a separate template online store tied with 1C? The store is built on the engine or in the application? - karson41 commented on October 10th 19 at 07:50
imageFor the kiosk I used a separate template, remained in the portfolio only a small screenshot.
In those days I still had no communication module 1C, their whole base was in the kiosk, but it is not large mostly booze and smokes :) the Idea about synchronization I told you, based on today's experience with 1C in his bike, as if he did. - Asa.McDermott commented on October 10th 19 at 07:53
October 10th 19 at 07:49
Don't see a way except to create the local..../ which the synchronization period of 1 minute, any built-in PUSH technology where the order after clearance from propisyvaetsya further down the chain.
I'm afraid will cause the load on the server. - karson41 commented on October 10th 19 at 07:52
I don't think that the local terminal will create so much data to synchronize. However, this is Beatrix, so it's possible. It is worth to look for a full synchronization, and the export only account, it should definitely be possible. - Asa.McDermott commented on October 10th 19 at 07:55
Yes, indeed, something not thought of. Thank you. Will look - karson41 commented on October 10th 19 at 07:58

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