Prevent deletion of messages to the imap user

Hello hapalyam!

I care about the following question: you need to create a corporate e-mail in a small office. Includes hosting, etc.
Used an IMAP mail client Roundcube. Is it possible to make so that mail users could not delete mail from your Inbox? Or at least make the trash folder (trashcan) invisible?
Generally when using IMAP is it possible?

Thank you in advance for your answers!
October 10th 19 at 08:55
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October 10th 19 at 08:57
See law on mail folders...
The d flag defines the right to remove.
October 10th 19 at 08:59
Duplicate mail, basically, what you need. And to duplicate incoming mail no problem, but how to do it from emerging?

PS: thank you All for the answers!
You also said, can any sane MTA to postfix, for example, is called always_bcc. - earlene.Flatley commented on October 10th 19 at 09:02
October 10th 19 at 09:01
Apparently, the problem is formulated as the audit of postal correspondence all users. It solved the duplication of all emails to a specific address at the MTA level, not torture imap uncharacteristic tasks

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