R & d in the development of the website

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The manual set the task: to paint the R & d process of developing the site.
The task is crazy, I agree :)
His forces were able to "intelligently formulated" only something like:
1. Market research systems management website (CMS).
2. The analysis of their niches, cost, ease of integration and future application.
3. Research and analysis of possible problems in the integration of specific CMS.
4. Writing software for: <blah-blah-blah>

I will appreciate any answers to the question what to paint in R & d for the development of the site.
October 14th 19 at 10:43
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October 14th 19 at 10:45
Just recently received a similar assignment of writing a research work for already developed my web service.

Here are a few requirements that I was given:
  1. The introduction briefly justifies the relevance of the topic, the purpose and content of the tasks, we formulate the object and subject of research, indicates the selected method (or methods) of the study, describes the work — whether it is theoretical research or applied, it is reported, what is the importance and (or) the practical value of the results obtained, the characteristic of the sources for writing the work and a brief literature review on the subject literature.
  2. In the main part of the scientific work described in detail the methodology and research techniques, provides information on the scope of the study, sets out and discusses the obtained results. The content of the thesis must exactly match the theme of the work and to disclose it.
  3. Conclusion contains the main conclusions that the author came during the analysis of the chosen material.

In the introduction and conclusion, nothing complicated. In the main part, I got approximately the following sections:
  1. Designing with IP:
    • The design subject area.
      Here I plan to create IDEF0 diagram and describe it.
    • Designing the data model.
      In this section, similar to the design of the subject area, I want to build a conceptual model of the database and also to write in detail what was happening.

  2. The development of the IP.
    The development section is filled depending on your theme. I wrote about creating a database and creating a web application based on the selected framework.

You can still write about the analysis of packages and software tools for implementation.
Hope this will help you.

PS the Work is not yet passed. Write research first and if something is wrong, I hope, will correct me.
Thanks, will be useful. The task — to execute a web service in exchange. - Amalia_Muller71 commented on October 14th 19 at 10:48

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