Download your Javascript in the content iFrame

Hello, please tell me there is an iFrame on the page, you need to make sure that this iFrame was included my javascript code ( in body)

for example
<\iframe src="">

where on the website open in the iframe you need to add the Body tag, for example:
<script src=""></script><br>

Tried to use the method Jquery.contents()failed, tell me how to solve the problem?
October 14th 19 at 10:49
3 answers
October 14th 19 at 10:51
Change content in iframe only possible if the iframe is one of the pages Cross-domain access is disabled, for security reasons. You can force your browser settings to disable the restriction.
But not all browsers let you disable it. And rightly so, I believe. - Tre_Ledn commented on October 14th 19 at 10:54
And where if not a secret to find them ... these are off limits! - nikita.Stracke commented on October 14th 19 at 10:57
October 14th 19 at 10:53
As mentioned above — no way.

But you can get the page content to the apple server and to print on your site or display through your iframe. And there paste all you want.
October 14th 19 at 10:55
Why the frame? you can also in the body add your script will have full access to the page Apple.
And it's like??? enlighten me. - Tre_Ledn commented on October 14th 19 at 10:58

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