Why a personal blog is closed

Some time ago I discovered that I can't post on habré.
When writing a new post I see a red message something like "post will be posted in a closed blog and only available to subscribers".
Also see a couple of icons of locks.
I fully admit that perhaps on Habre there are some (unknown for me) rules by which something happened to my personal blog.
My problem is that:
1) I absolutely do not understand what happened. Nowhere on habré there are no explanations could not be found. Karma and a rating of positive, although their meaning is not very clear.
2) do not understand the meaning of icons of locks. For example, it would be logical if clicking on it I went to the page explaining the situation. But it is not.
3) it is not clear how many users will see my post if I will publish it now — maybe I would have arranged, for example, and 1000 hits?
4) it is not clear whether will return to me someday the ability to publish normal posts if karma still grow. To what level she needs to grow the locks were removed? Or is it a permanent process?

Or is it easier to leave my account and to write a new post in the Sandbox and get a new invite?

Thanks for the clarification!

PS: and Yes, thanks for the first cons, which helps the newcomer better understand the situation
October 14th 19 at 11:33
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October 14th 19 at 11:35
Habr recently updated, and personal blogs were eliminated.

Personally, I was upset with this fact...
I was upset. Useful and interesting reading was one and a half times less. A Q&A, as expected, turned into shit. - elle commented on October 14th 19 at 11:38
October 14th 19 at 11:37
On Habre it is possible to publish open tops, visible to all (including unregistered users), and can be closed, available only to subscribers of the blog that published the topic. This option is chosen by the author of the post when writing. However, there are several so-called offtopic-blogs, which by themselves are considered closed, and any post they caught, will be closed, regardless of the wishes of the author. Habr recently updated, and personal blogs were eliminated. Instead they got one common blog "Personal blogs", which is considered offtopik and, as a consequence, closed.

1) I Recommend to subscribe on Habrahabr — Announcements.

2) One lock means that the topic is closed (for whatever reason: whether the author wanted, or the topic is closed blog). Two locks mean drafts: posts that are visible solely to the author. More castles, it seems, no.

3) See who is signed on "Personal blogs". The default seems to be signed were made (at least, I was signed), but someone could then unsubscribe.

4) She now is, your karma is enough. You just have to choose the right blog theme.
thanks for the reply, but
1) I don't understand what "right to choose" themed blog. I see dropbox "in a blog published" and there's only one available item of "Personal blogs". The second paragraph of "the Lair of offtopica" grayed out and unavailable. No other items there. That is, I have only one choice "Personal blogs" which is now closed. I don't understand how to expand the list of where to publish.
2) If you look Habr Nezalegnosti, now the "Personal blogs" are not visible

Turns out now I can't write for everyone? - elle commented on October 14th 19 at 11:40
1) to publish in the blog, it should be entered to start with, here is such a green plus sign:
After that, the creation mode of a topic will be available to this blog for publication.
2) then, they are closed. In this sense. Is it good or not is a separate question. - Danielle.Jast commented on October 14th 19 at 11:43
thanks for the replies! really the way it works!
To tell you the truth it seems to be simple, but for me it is not obvious!
When you hover your mouse on a plus sign, a tooltip "connect to blog" and nothing more, it is not clear that it gives the user. - Selena_Rath99 commented on October 14th 19 at 11:46
October 14th 19 at 11:39
There is an opinion (not mine) that this was done to extract money from advertisers. If offtone before blogs were visible to all, sponsored posts placed in them, gave the authors a very significant profit. Now offtone blogs are only visible to the subscribers and the effect of publishing them for the author of a topic the advertising was much smaller. Naturally, those who have 15 kilorubley to pay for 1 the publication of your ad in Topeka, in case she got enough advantages, it will see everything, even unregistered and unsigned users. If I am misled, please correct. Because I myself did not wish that opinion was fair.

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