The problem with GDI+ in Visual Studio Express 2010

For overall development I decided to dig WinAPI in C++.
When working, for example, the Bitmap class there are problems with the types of this plan:
And accordingly all is not compiled.

I understand that I have something in inkluda not added. Now there is only Windows.h and Gdiplus.h.

Tell me, what else is there to add something else that would not have such problems?
October 14th 19 at 12:19
1 answer
October 14th 19 at 12:21
Certainly interesting, thanks.

And answered the question our descendants will :)
To reproduce with accuracy was not possible, but it may be the case in a namespace. Need or using::or Gdiplus Gdiplus::. - harvey commented on October 14th 19 at 12:24

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