GxNeur — Killing demon?

After switching to version 0.9.9-1 after some time began to fall off the demon. That is gxNeur runs and displays the flag of the current keyboard layouts and xneur dies, leaving behind a gray check box.

After restarting the daemon everything becomes good, but then you notice that it's not working.

On the website of the developer it's kind of like the most recent version. The problem is found, judging by the gugleniya, but a universal solution I found.

The System Is Debian Squeeze.

Such cases.
October 14th 19 at 12:30
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October 14th 19 at 12:32
Bug latest stable version. Already fixed in SVN.
Helped, but not to litter in the system, collected the packages from svn. It is unfortunate that in reach still buggy version. - Garret29 commented on October 14th 19 at 12:35
October 14th 19 at 12:34
Option 1. Try to build from svn and see what happens, maybe already fixed.
Option 2. In the settings (.xneur/xneurrc) the LogLevel parameter to set Debug to run xneur in the console and wait until the fall. The idea is it will tell you why.
Thanks for the second option. What I now and try. That's just for each option, or the Council takes a long time. Perhaps that is why there is not a specific solution for this version — just a bunch of tips to try. - Garret29 commented on October 14th 19 at 12:37
Aborting. Memory Map with lots of these lib. While I myself can not understand. - Garret29 commented on October 14th 19 at 12:40
October 14th 19 at 12:36
just falls off after some time? There is a known issue, which is that he falls off after hibernation — maybe that's it?
That's right: laws no. You can run the daemon and nothing to do: so pretty and will last a long time, but still dies. And you can start to use the rollover: in this case, I noticed a much faster fall off.

In hibernation the machine is not out — working around the clock. I am suffering for a long time. - Garret29 commented on October 14th 19 at 12:39
Essentially I have nothing to say, but I want to test that there are comments here - Garret29 commented on October 14th 19 at 12:42
Well, then I think it is better to ask on the forum the authors or put the SVN checkout - Garret29 commented on October 14th 19 at 12:45
October 14th 19 at 12:38
OpenSUSE 11.2 same troubles suffered for a long time, put the most recent version. Once collected from source — began to work with a Bang.
As far as I noticed 11.3 does not any longer fall. At least I don't notice it. - Garret29 commented on October 14th 19 at 12:41
11.3 is not really falling — checked. - Garret29 commented on October 14th 19 at 12:44

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