Which file system to choose for flash for MacOS/Linux/Windows to work?

There Are 3 Axis. I need to be able to copy files between at least: Mac<->Linux, and Mac<-> Windows.

That is, Aida between Linux and Windows is not so important.

What file system need to othermaterial the flash drive? It is highly advisable to file system worked out of the box -- didn't need to look for some extra utilities.

The files that you will have to copy, can be size to 5 GB maximum. Or at least need to maintain a file of 500 MB - 1 GB
March 11th 20 at 18:46
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March 11th 20 at 18:48
March 11th 20 at 18:50
Most hassle - FAT32, but the limit of 4 GB per file. Everything else will have some trouble.
this link is a collection of lulz) - Ardella85 commented on March 11th 20 at 18:53
it's better than exfat? - Elyssa commented on March 11th 20 at 18:56
@Elyssa, for example, on Ubuntu the default exFat, I was not. At least it will be necessary to put additional - Francis.Schimmel commented on March 11th 20 at 18:59
March 11th 20 at 18:52
Tuxera Disk Manager allows you to work with NTFS without problems. Use it

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