18 Ubuntu How to resolve the conflict with the switching of layouts on CTRL and hot keys?

So once a long time ago discovered Punto Switcher. Was it like 10 years ago. Auto-layout Yes, but in this program, in addition to all of its functions, have the function change the hot keys to switch layouts manually. And I chose the left CTRL. Just press left CTRL and layout changes. This only happens when clinging CTRL. If added some kind of key (whether Win or even Alt, or Shift, and especially any combination of the burning of keys in any program), then the layout is not changing. Changing, as I said, only when I just (little finger nezamechennym) press CTRL. As I said, lot of time has passed. Habit habit of.

Happened (required) to examine and configure Linux. 18.04.1 installed Ubuntu LTS 64-bit. Computers on the table several both machines in the network and therefore from work here and there (and on Windows and Lena). But with the layout on Ubuntu is full of crap. You can set the switch on the left CTRL, but then no hot key. And I am constantly in PyCharm and for me it is very critical. I tried to put CTRL+SHIFT, well not conveniently already weaned. And when I put in the settings to switch left CTRL, then lost all the shortcuts. Are simply ignored, and combination of turns, if I do not press CTRL.

Ie I for example press CTRL + C, but instead, it all fades and I see, like I just clicked With . And so with all keys.

Actually the question. How to teach Ubuntu to switch the layout by pressing the (bare) left CTRL, and all combinations of any keys together with CTRL to perceive and perform, in the normal mode combinations?

I tried to put Shift. Uncomfortable
Win - uncomfortable (because I work in two systems, and in Windows Win menu)
Even Shift + Caps tried. Well uncomfortable when working in the two systems. Constantly confused, and actually why?
After all, if you have to switch left CTRL, then you need to use, only need something to readjust to work hot keys.

With respect...
March 11th 20 at 19:26
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March 11th 20 at 19:28
to change hotkeys
Yes, even that change. You apparently did not read fully or not correctly understood. When to switch the layout of the selected CTRL, then Ubuntu it is as if the reserves and now even hit it, though not pull, but any combination with CTRL are not working. Ubuntu does not see this key as CTRL. For it is now CTRL ceases to exist. Generally stops. It's not CTRL for ubuntu, and switch button layout. And none of the combinations don't work. Try to include as on the screen. And all will understand.5ba7438d8e004409765379.png - Deontae_Mitchell commented on March 11th 20 at 19:31
@Deontae_Mitchell, I had similar crap with Alt - in the console output symbols instead of clicking and not working hotkeys (Alt+ Tab for example). Changed the keyboard - everything fell into place. - priscilla.Boehm commented on March 11th 20 at 19:34
@Deontae_Mitchell, and by the way, all sorts of xneur under Ubuntu is better not to put - is buggy as hell. - priscilla.Boehm commented on March 11th 20 at 19:37
@priscilla.Boehm, I already tried that. Alas a lot of things for Windows, under Ubuntu there. And much in a single (sometimes quite uncomfortable) option. - Deontae_Mitchell commented on March 11th 20 at 19:40
March 11th 20 at 19:30
Switch layout on CAPS-lock - with nothing in conflict.
and I have 10 years switch CTRL and does not conflict, except Ubuntu :)))) - Deontae_Mitchell commented on March 11th 20 at 19:33

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