Opened a pop-up window from a malicious website, should I be concerned?

Good day

Recently switched from windows to ubuntu. After reading different sources, I decided not to install antivirus. Today there was a pop-up window, it is very small. Opened in the background, ie, I didn't see it and worked for about 4 hours next pop-up window.

Checked the URL of this website in virustotal, Kaspersky shows that the site with malware.

Browser - Firefox.

A few questions:
1) Could this window to function as a Keylogger?
2) Could the window to steal cookies\personal data\saved passwords?
3) Could infect ubuntu?
4) Should be checked by antivirus now?
5) What else should I do in principle? Change all passwords?
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June 7th 19 at 14:27
Rather, it naminya bitcoins. If it is really something stolen, it would have opened and closed after sending the stolen data would be palivom to keep the window open. But the miner is more likely. And it is likely that this window was an advertisement for a casino, but bannergatta cut it and left only a blank window.
June 7th 19 at 14:29
A window in the browser has virtually no access to critical data, with the exception if it does not run any of the plugins (java/flash applet) allows you to get out of the sandbox almost without prompting.

Flash for example, you may swipe and even change the keyboard (one of the types of attack, substitution of the address of the cryptocurrency to the address of the attacker).
June 7th 19 at 14:31
A thousand times these Windows could be opened. In 100% of cases it was as said above, advertising the casino or the browser-based shit(games). Just banarescu cut, here is the window and empty. I'm afraid most likely not worth it. Malware you 99% not picked up as you reach malware under Linux you need to try, and if it was a Keylogger, then you are already powerless. In short, especially not worry, I'm sure it was advertising.

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