How to solve the problem with the animations and the mouse with JQuery?

There is a code
<div class="why-we__block">
 <div class="why-we__block-anim">
 <div class="why-we__image" onmouseover="why_we__description_show(this);" style>
 <svg here, which a lot of place is>
 <div class="why-we__description" onmouseleave="why_we__img_show(this);" style="display: none;">
 <p>Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur.</p>
 <div class="why-we__label"><p>Responsive technical support.</p></div>

The essence of this unit is to show hidden content on mouse over. And conceal this information if the mouse was flying.

But only if you quickly hold the mouse, the object remains in the same position: i.e. it shows additional information, despite the fact that the mouse somewhere far away

show_full_service_info function(obj){
 $(obj).slideUp(50, function(){
hide_full_service_info function(obj){
 $(obj).slideUp(200, function(){

Several of these elements on the page
June 7th 19 at 14:32
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