How to make Excel 2016 and update data from Sharepoint 2016?

Good afternoon.

Upload the survey to an Excel spreadsheet 5bbc649b77043372868211.png
Open the file owssvr.iqy in Excel.
Save as. xlsx document.
On a new sheet make different formulas/calculations for the processing survey data;
Trying to update it (upload a new survey responses in an Excel file) 5bbc64bc365d1831198180.png
Get the error 5bbc64d1e2281618841811.png

Despite the fact that the data connection in the Excel document have and even actively 5bbc64ea2d3e6880074240.png

What am I doing wrong and how to Excel once again to make friends with Sharepoint? in 2013, SP everything worked without problems, but after upgrading to SP now 2016 issue(

Of course, the user who opens the Excel document has full access to the list (survey) to SP.
March 12th 20 at 07:55
1 answer
March 12th 20 at 07:57
In General I will answer to myself: after upgrading from sharepoint 2013 to 2016, new checkboxes in access rights, it is them and not enough for normal connections Excel with sharepoint

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