How to implement an interactive adding side elements, the Front-end?

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You must implement an interactive selection, adding, removing items. What this refers to. When you press the button, the user gets into edit mode, where it can add elements to a mesh (still need to implement this grid), and must be pre-prepared set of these elements (blocks with pictures). These elements can be moved, edited, deleted. After saving and exiting the edit mode. These elements can be clicked to change their status (active/inactive, only 2 States). The grid size is unlimited, and items must be linked to each other (always one of the elements needs to relate to the other). Look it all has as the squares on a chess Board, only cells more colors and the field size can be arbitrary.

With the DOM, maybe something can be done (and perhaps even easier), but how it will behave with a 1000x1000 field, for example. With canvas or webgl (and their libraries) were not working. I also want this thing to communicate via

If someone did something similar or knows links where at least partially reveal these questions - please share. Sources can be in English.
March 12th 20 at 07:56
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