As better ASP .NET Core to implement the functionality of sending messages with pictures of some users to other users?

Messaging with the addition of photo you need to arrange for each user to anonymously like in VC.
1)There are ready modules with the settings? (know what is SignalR, but is he really?)
2)If you write it yourself from scratch, then where to start?Are there any examples of implementing this functionality from scratch?
March 12th 20 at 07:57
1 answer
March 12th 20 at 07:59
First of all you need to start with a textbook on the Russian language.
SignalR not?
In SignalR, is it possible to write messages to the database? - Pinkie_Harris commented on March 12th 20 at 08:02
@Pinkie_Harris, and here SignalR and database? Signal acts as the transmitter of the data, and write to the database - your business, not signal - Kaci_Prosacco commented on March 12th 20 at 08:05
@Kaci_Prosacco, I meant, do you have any ready built-in methods.But okay, now everything was clear. - Pinkie_Harris commented on March 12th 20 at 08:08

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