Than to deploy windows images via Locke. network?

What ready-made or maybe homemade method it is possible to deploy a windows image over a network with conditions: 1. you can select the image 2. no need to score additional data such as ip or mac end PC (Acronis Snap Deploy is not suitable).
You need to deploy to a new PC without a system on Board.
March 12th 20 at 07:59
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March 12th 20 at 08:01
Google PXE, Windows ADK Windows Deployment Services (WDS), Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT).
And really ...... bored SCCM - Don_Rosenbaum commented on March 12th 20 at 08:04
@Don_Rosenbaum, It's too easy and obvious a + for the money. - Pearline.Osinski commented on March 12th 20 at 08:07
1. Put the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit , the installation process will require the Windows ADK. Cook of this bunch image to spread to the computers. For this you I wrote the note, unable to look.
2. As the image is ready, put the Windows Deployment Services role on a Windows server. You would have to throw you obtained the ISO image of the first item and boot.wim from the distribution kit with Windows for this in the relevant sections WDS service - june commented on March 12th 20 at 08:10
March 12th 20 at 08:03
Use WDS (Windows Deployment Services) is a standard part of Windows server ( from 2008R2) which allows you to do it all.
on Habre there is excellent article about installing and configuring the WDS.

the bottom line is very simple, you prepare the server on the network will boot other computers. Then on the server you put the windows image ( or several ,not only windows, just the software pre-installed) which you need to deploy and then on the computer you are booting over network (PXE) and produce the desired image on the machine.

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