What are the pros and cons Reаct Native? What is the scope of his abilities? What to write on it?

There is the idea of the project, I want the application to be available on web, iOS, Android. The idea to do it on Reаct Native. Please tell me who wrote what the pros and cons Reаct Native, what difficulties have to face?

App to mark poseshaemosti people. Features:
- there are users with roles and rights available secure (owner, admin, user).
- there is a contact that you can create, delete, edit. A contact has a status, name and other fields there are all sorts of registration.
owner and admin can edit, add, delete, contacts application.
- a form. This is the list of contacts included in a group of contacts. You will need to fill out a form, who was one of those person at the event.
The user pokes a finger at the screen, highlighting people who it with your own eyes you will see live at the event, presses the Send button and the data goes to a server.
- automatic reminders in your phone, sending the form (I wanted to trigger the alarm or some such thing, but at least want to make widomski as in any games)

About me:
- year of experience in React.js
- when I tried to learn C# and looking for Java (i.e. the Java syntax to understand, but no more).
- Objective-C - do not have a presentation that kind of language.
- Be able to write something just for the js.

Please tell me which of these features will actually be done with React Native, and I have to cut for a specific platform?

What could be the bottleneck React Native in this problem?
March 12th 20 at 08:01
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March 12th 20 at 08:03
In principle, everything your heart desires. RN have already a large community, like Facebook is not going to stop... In fact, no limitation, except for limitations of the platforms themselves, no. We write under a realtime application on RN and is quite complicated.

Deep knowledge of Objective-C or Java do not need. Anyway, the first couple. Yes, you need to be AndroidStudio and XCode to make war with the release of application builds and other amenities of the development, but it is particular that can be resolved with the assistance off. documentation and stackoverflow.

In the proposed description I don't see anything that can't handle RN =)
March 12th 20 at 08:05
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