Good afternoon.raspberry pi distributes the Internet via wi-fi.On the raspberry pi 3 b+ installed:
1.3 proxy proxy socks5 traffic.Config 3proxy.cfg:
auth iponly
allow * * * *
parent 1000 socks5 9050
tcppm -i192.168.22.1 6666 11111

now as I understand it, all requests go to tor.
2.dns_proxy Config dns_proxy.conf:
# set the port of the socks proxy
socks_port = 8000

# set the address of the socks proxy
socks_addr = ***.152.**.***

# set the listen address of the dns proxy
listen_addr =

# set the listen port of the dns proxy 
listen_port = 53

# set the username to drop to
set_user = root

# set the group name to drop to
set_group = root

# file to read as resolv.conf
resolv_conf = /etc/dnsproxy/resolv.conf

# file to log to, should be /dev/null unless debugging
#log_file = /dev/null

and the second resolv.conf:
What I want to.I have a socks5 proxy in this format IP:PORT:LOGIN:PASS or IP:PORT.
I need all requests from the WI-FI went in socks5.TCP,UDP traffic.DNS that would display that socks5 and WEBRTC showed the IP socks5.That is if you log on as a service we see a standard DNS provider:
 217.***.**.* Russian Federation
 217.**.***.* Russian Federation

And then there is a parameter:
*.**.***.** Russian Federation

there are usually displays your real IP issued by a local modem and IP provider.
Tell me how to make it work and config what to prescribe?Maybe easier to install iptables and configure them?
March 12th 20 at 08:01
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