Software for tech support?

We need a system which is alternative to freshdesk, but it is installed locally.
Reports that all the "cool" system to support cloud-only, and those that are locally, rather primitive and offhand "terrible".

Main thing that is necessary:
1. Create queries in support via email
2. Response requested by email through the interface helpdesk
3. Automation
3.1 Change status to "Resolved" with a "pending" if the customer has not answered N days
3.2 the Ticket is automatically assigned to those who first answered (ie, tickets are initially created without reference to a specific employee support)
3.3. If a customer replies to a resolved ticket, create a new (with reference to the old ticket).
3.4 etc.
4. The minimalist interface from the point of view of employee support (no need to pile fields with priorities, tags, etc.)
5. All sorts of graphs/reports in the context of the individual employee.
6. Price 0-20$ for one account of the employee of support per month. For freshdesk now takes a lot of money.

Optional - ability to zapilivanija (writing modules that interact via API).
March 12th 20 at 08:02
1 answer
March 12th 20 at 08:04
I can not advise you 100% as a replacement freshdesk but if you have skills in admin - you can try to use open ticker request system community edition
once I put OTRS for the Department in processing customer applications. The possibilities of this system were many.
However, after my experience, they divided the product to the business version and the community version and capabilities of the community version, I don't know.

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